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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

ESG Digital is a global player for impact investing, harnessing frontier technologies to revolutionise traditional investment opportunities.

We go beyond ROI to generate positive, measurable social and environmental improvements for global communities.  Our frontier technologies allow the global investment community, both the individual and institutions, to invest in ESG centric projects that are really making a difference.  Our investment decisions are informed by the thinking that creating environmental and socially sustainable impact can work in tandem with generating stable, risk averse returns for our investors.  We are now in a position to bring to market a uniquely curated portfolio of high ESG impact technology companies.

The ESG Digital Security token

Our team has created an ERC-1404 compliant Security Token known as ESG Digital – securitized by the shares in our company, ESG Digital. The ERC-1404 security token standard was developed specifically to ensure corporate regulatory compliance.

The purpose of the ESG Digital security token is to facilitate impact investment into our company and enable us to expand our focused activities relating to the technologies we have natively developed, along with our partners’ diverse technologies that we have been selectively integrating into our company’s activities.

The enablement of our expansion will permit us to remain focused on our company’s core objectives including the development, distribution and commercialization of technologies that result in sustainable business practices with a principal focus on satisfying ESG criteria.

Carbon Emissions
This revolutionary, patented technology improves fuel economy up to 20% while reducing carbon emissions up to 50%. The Trucking Industry is $255B in the US alone.
Clinically proven, patented product to treat anemia (2-3 times more iron absorption than competitors, but without their debilitating side effects).
Water Drilling
The global functional water market size was USD 10.34 billion in 2017 and projected to reach USD 18.24 billion by end 2025
Quantum Technology
The Quantum Age Corporation has developed revolutionary E-Mobility, transport, health & wellness, instrumentation, energy and supply chain management technologies which have game changing environmental benefits.

ESG Digital Portfolio

KarbonKleen Inc.

ESG Digital will hold KarbonKleen Inc. Security Tokens for its initial investment of $2,500,000. KarbonKleen Inc. has exclusive rights to DynaCert’s technology for U.S. and other markets and expects to grow rapidly and substantially in the years ahead.

Market Size: The Trucking Industry is $255B in the US alone. This ranks relative to the $284B Food Industry, the $258B Pharma Industry, and the $150B Automotive Industry.

The technology behind dynaCERT’s great results is the culmination of ideas, people and partnerships. Staying on the forefront of cutting edge solutions for a global market; we deliver Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies.

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