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The Village Drill Inc.

ESG Digital Water Token Project

Billions of people worldwide still lack access to water which is suitable for drinking and cooking and for sanitation purposes.  In many of the least developed countries woman and female children walk for miles each day to collect water from unclean sources.  This not only leads to sickness and ill health but also prevents female children from attending school and gaining an education.  

One of our network partners is a company that develops mobile water well drilling technology that can be transported to remote areas that have historically been underserved by more expensive well-drilling solutions. TESSA Token™ can be integrated as a medium of exchange for organizations that finance the drilling of these wells and can also be utilized as a medium of exchange by community members who purchase potable water from wells. 

This project specifically helps to address Goal No. 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and also Goal No. 5 (Gender Equality) of the UNSDGs.

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